Traveling Internationally with Diabetes: When security tries to confiscate your insulin pump supplie

June 2017 I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa to tour Johannesburg, go on safari in Kruger ​ ​National Park, and tour Cape Town. My flight route: Newark, NJ -> Lome, Togo West Africa -> Johannesburg, South Africa After being on the plane for 11 hours, I was very happy when we landed in Lome. I looked forward to stretching and walking around before getting on the connecting flight to Johannesburg. I made it through the first security checkpoint, a metal detector, without issue, and breathed a sigh of relief. I hit the ladies room, freshened up as best as I could, and went to find the gate for my flight. It wasn't difficult to find, as there were only a handful of gates in t

Diabetes Camp: Not just for kids anymore!

I can't talk about why diabetes camp for adults is a great thing without first talking about what it meant to me when I attended as a kid. I consider myself lucky that my parents were able to send me to diabetes camp when I was 12 years old. It was a turning point for not just me, but for them as well. You see, I was diagnosed when I was 2 and was slow to want to manage my diabetes myself. Things changed for me and my family that first summer I attended Camp Nejeda. Why diabetes camp for adults? As an adult I found myself missing that camp feeling more and more. There are so many resources and events and programs out there for newly diagnosed kids, and support for families, but not much

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