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  • Phyllis Kaplan

Over the Counter Insulin

As a person who has lived with type 1 diabetes for all but the first two years of their life, I've experienced a lot, and have read a lot to stay updated on the happenings in all things diabetes. As a result, I feel that I have a different perspective on many hot topics.

There has been an increase in the 18-24 months in stories about people rationing their insulin, or worse, due to not being able to afford it This post is not to debate the cost of insulin, but to provide information on over the counter insulin options, as I feel that there isn't enough discussion on this topic.

In many states, over the counter (OTC) humulin N and R insulins and syringes are an option at Walmart. The insulin is about $27 per bottle. Syringe costs and quantity vary by state. To note, these insulins do work differently than more commonly used insulin, so before using them you should definitely check in with your health care team. But know this is a viable option.

additional information on this topic from Novo Nordisk:

*Updated info on Inhaled Insulin (provided by Afrezza)

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