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All Dressed Up

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Photo Credit: P. Kaplan 3/12/2020

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, I had a pretty amazing adventure in New York City: I got to have a makeover with Clinton Kelly. I don't love the term makeover and have been calling it "my NYC adventure".

The Day:

My day started at 6:30am, waking up earlier than needed so I could complete some things for work that I didn't get to finish the night before. It was an earlier start to the day but I knew if I didn't send those projects out that it would be in the back of my mind the whole day. My blood sugar was also running stubbornly higher than usual, most likely due to the adrenaline rush to get up, get the work done and to our meeting spot at Bloomingdales on time.

The adventure started at our meeting spot at Bloomingdales on 59th & Lex at 10am.

Photo Credit: J. Hamada 3/12/2020

I wasn't sure what to expect but went into the adventure with an open mind. We had a quick chat about what I was looking for in an outfit; both agreeing that my current outfit as on the boring side. I admitted that I try to hide in my clothes, and tend to go for solids. It felt reminiscent of the first few minutes of What Not to Wear.

And with that, we hit the ground running. Rather Clinton and Jackie hit the ground running to find things for me to try on. I was supposed to do that as well but after a few minutes became too overwhelmed and returned to our meeting spot with 3 tops in hand.

They filled the dressing room with all sorts of things - pants, so many tops, jackets, and even a dress. They instructed me on what to try on with what and reminded me to keep an open mind, and I asked them to ignore my poor choice of white socks. They were 'diabetic" socks, so super comfy for a day on my feet, but the opposite of fashionable. Oops.

It was definitely a process - and with each item, we were able to learn what worked and what didn't work. Who knew that skinny cargo pants were it! Well, I bet 1 of us did, and it wasn't me. I'm thankful for the laughs, the banter, and advice on how to wear Jimmy Choos. <wink wink>

""The" outfit ended up being a fabulous going-out-outfit, vs. an everyday-outfit, but I'm not complaining. I was very skeptical about the sequin blouse but was told to keep an open mind. Paired with the black cargo pants, the biker style jacket and nerdy slip-on shoes - wow. Yes, Clinton, was right.

Photo Credit: J. Hamada 3/12/2020

After lunch with mom (did I mention my mom came with me?) it was time for hair at Mia Wagner Salon. Mia changed my red/purple color back to brown and gave it a new shape. The salon was so peaceful, and I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Mia. We discovered we both have a love for Florence Italy and laughed at the fact that there are 2 Eataly's in Italy -- when the whole country is an eataly! I hope to one day be able to get my hair done there again!

After hair, it was time to go back to Bloomingdales to put on the outfit and then to make up. Makeup was done at the Trish McEvoy counter. I don't wear much makeup but they kept that in mind and were able to give me a very natural look that made my skin glow!

Last but not least it was time for pictures. I usually run in the opposite direction of a camera. They were able to capture some good ones as long as I wasn't trying to pose. Did I mention I usually run from cameras?

Thank you, Clinton and Jackie, for a true NYC adventure. Your patience, kindness, skill, sense of humor truly made for a once in a lifetime adventure. Unfortunately, I ended up solo for the rest of the evening Thursday and all of Friday due to friends and family staying in the suburbs due to COVID-19.

The story behind this is that in December Clinton Kelly ran a fundraiser to support Pet Rescue NY. My donation resulted in a NYC adventure - including a new outfit, new hairdo, and makeup. A win-win - helping animals, while helping get the pep back in my step.

This day was not filmed, will not be on TV,

and has nothing to do with WNTW.

Edit March 31: Leading up to the 12th, we were uncertain if this adventure would happen or not due to COVID-19. After very careful consideration, my husband and I decided together that at that point in time, with the knowledge we had, that the risks were minimal. Things changed quickly after that and I'm grateful this was my last big day out before the mandatory stay at home set in.

Photo Credit: C. Kelly 3/12/2020

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