Over the Counter Insulin

As a person who has lived with type 1 diabetes for all but the first two years of their life, I've experienced a lot, and have read a lot to stay updated on the happenings in all things diabetes. As a result, I feel that I have a different perspective on many hot topics. There has been an increase in the 18-24 months in stories about people rationing their insulin, or worse, due to not being able to afford it This post is not to debate the cost of insulin, but to provide information on over the counter insulin options, as I feel that there isn't enough discussion on this topic. In many states, over the counter (OTC) humulin N and R insulins and syringes are an option at Walmart. The insul

When T1D Does Stop Us

There is a popular social media campaign around the words "diabetes doesn't stop me." I've used it, I've tweeted it, I've used it in Instagram posts. But sometimes diabetes does stop us. I used to say that diabetes doesn't stop me, but it may slow me down. Today it stopped me. Today diabetes stopped me from going to work after a week and a half off for the holidays. Staying home from work, or really from anything related to diabetes, isn't something I take lightly. Today I opted to not go in to work due to an unexplained morning high blood glucose (bg) of 467. At first I thought I felt fine. But as I started to move and prepare for the day I realized I wasn't fine. The decision not to

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